Our materials

What metals do we work with?

Steel offers endless geometries, joining and surface treatment methods, which allow you to create solutions with different requirements and styles. Unprocessed, powder coated and varnished.

The peak of metal furniture in terms of functionality and style. Striking and highly compatible with its surroundings. We offer a matte to polished mirror finish. When varnished, it also looks like brass or copper.

Brass is gold-coloured, with a variety of possible surface coating finishes, easy to mould and elegant. The material, with a matte to a polished mirror finish, is ideal for both smaller details as well as covering larger surfaces.

Copper is a soft material that changes over time and within its environment, having a cosy and slightly retro vibe. We offer the manufacture of both smaller and larger details. Different gloss levels, from matte to a polished mirror.

Futuristically light and resistant to external conditions. Aluminium is soft, does not shine, yet catches the eye. Available in brushed or matte form, as well as covered with powder coating.

What do we do with metals?

  • Cutting

    Laser cutting is a thermal process, which allows us to cut materials of different diameters, sheets and profiles, regardless of the geometry.

  • Sheet metal bending

    By bending a metal sheet, we create a spatial and structural element from a flat material. This allows us to create complex geometry with less material being required to do so.

  • Tube bending

    Our 3D tube bending technologies allow us to create unprecedented forms and structures without making compromises when it comes to visuals.

  • Wire bending

    A multidimensional wire bender provides an opportunity to create geometrically complex elements.

  • Sheet rolling

    Whether you are looking for a cylinder or a wide-angle cone, our 4-roller rolling mill can make all of your desired parameters a reality.

  • Welding

    Our years of searching for innovations, extensive knowledge of materials and experienced specialists allow us to ensure perfect unobtrusive or structural welding.

  • Powder coating

    In addition to the protective layer, powder coating also gives you the opportunity to make your element exactly as you need it – any colour, matte or glossy, smooth or rough.

  • Polishing

    Brushing with an embarrassingly straight pattern or a perfectly reflective surface are our specialties. No matter the type of metal, we can make it uniquely distinctive.


What sets our metalworks apart?

We always dedicate ourselves to every job, from the beginning. It is important for us that the completed solution is exactly as you need it to be.

  • Quality of finish

    We always contribute to the highest possible quality, be it polished high gloss, impeccable brushing or a uniform layer of powder coating. Anything less than the best result is unacceptable to us.

  • Unique solutions

    Combining different technologies, connectionless solutions and invisible welding are just a few of the many options we offer.

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