• We design and consult

    Provide us with an idea, a drawing or just a sketch. If necessary, we will find the right solution and create all the technical drawings. We always engage with you and help find the best way to turn your wishes into reality.

  • Manufacture and install

    We will provide you with the necessary chain for the product — metal and wood, stone, glass, lighting and even upholstered furniture. We also guarantee the entire installation and follow-up maintenance.

Bringing the material to life

In our hands, the raw material becomes a whole. We perfectly combine metal, wood, stone, glass and soft furniture.


Metal can provide luxury, modernity and recognition. It is a timeless material that fits into any interior, adding originality and singularity. Metal solutions are durable and there are endless possibilities for realizing ideas

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Timber brings real warmth to a room, making it come alive. It is a natural and renewable material, the simple processing and maintenance of which make it suitable for creating almost any solution. Also, furniture combined with metal always offers an outstanding result.


The use of stone in interior design is always trendy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s natural or artificial stone, exciting patterns and textures bring luxury to the room and fill it with uniqueness.


By combining glass with metal or another material, you can create eye-catching solutions in a wide variety of styles. Tempered glass allows you to create everything from dining tables to consoles and from partitions to powerful showcases.


Light and lighting are responsible for a large part of the feel of a room. That’s why we always pay very close attention to how it affects the finished solution. In addition, we create all kinds of independent lighting solutions, from chandeliers to street lighting.


Upholstered furniture adds functionality and form to the room and often serves as the focal point of the room. Since it finds a great deal of daily use, the solutions also need special attention to ensure the best quality.

In our hands, the raw material becomes a whole. We perfectly combine metal, wood, stone, glass and soft furniture.

Our services

In addition to ready-made solutions, we also offer services that help simplify your production processes. We paint, cut, bend and create details of every complexity. Exactly what you need..

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  • Powder coating

    We can paint details with dimensions of 3200 x 2000 x 1800 mm.

  • Laser cutting

    We can perform fibre laser cutting on sheet metal parts with a thickness of 0.1–16 mm. Open and tube profiles measuring 12–225 mm.

  • Tube bending

    We offer a 3D pipe bending service for round tubes with diameters of 10–40 mm. Square tubes measuring 20 x 20 mm.

  • Wire bending

    We offer a 3D wire bending service for wires with diameters of 2–8 mm, with the possibility of chamfering ends.

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